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We don't pop out videos every day, so your video gets our full attention.


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We are experts at uncovering the gems in your story that engage and entice prospects.


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FEATURED VIDEO - Video Explainer Custom Animation

Love that Video exceeded our expectations not only in the quality of the video but also how easy the process was.

  • OpenLegacy

  • Project Description

    The challenge of the day: make a highly technical software product sound fun and interesting enough to break through the clutter. We decided, for starters, start with a unique beginning! We played off the highly popular Dilbert storylines to express the heart of the message, addressing the pain/gain emotion prior to talking about the software itself. By highlighting the relationship between IT and business, we appeal to both target audiences in one video. Simple concepts and analogies are used to convey the core value propositions, and tell the story with a smile. When previewed for the sales team for the first time, they loved the simplicity of the message, and believe the video will not only help engage with clients, but also help them with their own “sales script.” Better yet, the Dilbert themed video will become part of an ongoing online and offline lead generation campaign including blogs, direct mail, dimensional marketing and digital marketing.

  • Video Style & Pricing

    This video features custom developed “Dilbert”-style characters animated and integrated with a minimalistic style of motion graphics to convey a feeling of simplicity.

    Pricing: custom tier 3 (contact us for details)

  • Testimonial

    Nancy at LovethatVideo exceeded our expectations in not only the quality of the video but also in how easy the process was. The messaging of the video was right on point and she did an excellent job of capturing our audiences’ attention. The entire process was so smooth from start to finish. She understood our market, how to simplify what we do and create really fun visuals. Highly recommend working with her!

    Jennifer Troxell, CMO

  • Script


It's excellent. In just 2 minutes you cover all the key points about 20X faster than a phone call, or PPT!


  • Project Description

    Worktap is an exciting start-up requiring a fast and effective way to illustrate their unique value proposition to both prospects and investors. Love That Video was hired to capture the differentiators in a clear and memorable way. This video features much more animation than most low-end video explainer and meshes a brisk storyline with end-user scenarios and animated dashboards. One challenge was to show the value to three different stakeholders – HR, new hire and hiring manager – without getting too complex. This was accomplished with a series of scenes that clearly show the characters as a group, in split screens, and in individual roles.

  • Video Style & Pricing

    This video features custom 2D character animation and motion graphics. The animated product dashboards were custom illustrated to show the essence of the product, yet be far easier to comprehend than an actual product screen.

    Pricing: custom tier 3 (contact us for details)

  • Testimonial

    I can’t wait to start using this video for sales and investor outreach. It’s excellent. In just 2 minutes you cover all the key points about 20X faster than a phone call, or PPT. You have been lovely to work with and understood our business and goals from the start. Thank you so much. I love this video. I really do.

    David Lee

  • Script


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video! I was literally 'wowed' by the quality, which far exceeds any similar type of video I have ever seen


  • Project Description

    Love That Video was asked to create a series of 12 ‘how to’ videos to help new users of a pain relief device called the Dolphin Neurostim. A key goal was to give this video a very high-end 3D production value – at a fraction of the normal cost – and reduce the cost of future videos by creating a re-usable template. The producers at Home Shopping Network – where this product is being promoted – were so impressed by the video quality they asked us to create extra B-Roll for their live production!

  • Video Style & Pricing

    This video features high-end 3D anatomical animation with some motion graphics and text. The 3D model was used in two ways – one for the semi-transparent scenes in which the bones can be seen to aid the user in finding the correct treatment points. Also, to further aid the user, we rendered the 3 model with layers of skin (and even some leg hair) to show what the treatment points look like on a human body.

    Pricing: custom tier 5 (contact us for details)

  • Testimonial

    What can I say? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this video! I was literally ‘wowed’ by the quality, which far exceeds any similar type of video I have ever seen. Nancy at Love that Video found ways to solve some unique challenges along the way, and was always patient with the arduous process. We could have easily paid 2X or 3X more for this video and we got a great price for what we received. Nancy is extremely capable and even though this was a big and important project, I could rest easy knowing that it was in Nancy’s hands. She quickly grasps complex concepts which was very helpful for this project. And as a result of all of this, this video is one of the most professional marketing projects we have ever done in 30 years!.

    Ron Barranger
    VP Sales and Marketing,
    Dolphin Neurostim

  • Script


We ended up with a very high quality product that everyone loves. Best of all, the price was excellent for what we received.


  • Project Description

    SICPA asked us to help them introduce a new product to the North America market – tracking and tracing for medical cannabis! Considering their conservative roots and the high production value of existing videos produced by their European corporate headquarters, we needed to find a way to give the product a big look on a small budget. The goal was to support PR around their client, Humbodlt County, one of the top cannabis producers in the state if not the country.

  • Video Style & Pricing

    The video features extensive use of live motion footage, special effects, 3D animation, and 2D animation.

    Pricing: custom tier 4 (contact us for details)

  • Testimonial

    Nancy is very talented at crafting a clear, concise and compelling story that resonates with the viewer.  She made the entire video production process easy, which was essential since we have a small team and big goals. We ended up with a very high quality product that everyone loves. Best of all, the price was excellent for what we received. You get way more than just a video, you get amazing marketing communications expertise with it. We’ve already started working on a new series of videos together.

    Karen Gardner

  • Script


Nancy is a seasoned marketing professional who worked with me to ensure we had the right message for my audience.

  • StudyPro

  • Project Description

    Video explainers are a great way for a new business to convey their unique market differentiation. StudyPro’s video helps parents of grade 6-12 kids understand why their smart kid may be struggling in school, and differentiate StudyPro from typical school tutors. The stylish video uses highly customized and complex animation to tell a captivating story using seamlessly connected scenes. In terms of animation skill and complexity, StudyPro is at at the top of the meter!

  • Video Style & Pricing

    The video features extensive 2D character animation and motion graphics, using animation to tell the story at a granular level. A unique character represents both sexes and all ethnicities to show diversity.

    Pricing: custom tier 3 (contact us for details)

  • Testimonial

    While there are a lot of options for creating a video, most of them simply animate what often times is a poorly executed marketing message.   Nancy and “Love That Video” provide the full package.  Nancy is a seasoned marketing professional who worked with me to ensure we had the right message for my audience.   It was priceless to me to have access to talent that can create a high quality and unique style that differentiates us in the market and doesn’t have that “me too” look, and to have a product that will last because of its timeless message and overall quality. I believe we created a video that is sophisticated while still being conceptual and is useful to our customer. Through the process, Nancy has left no detail unattended to ensure that our video is high quality, provides an emotion connection with our audience and is powerful in its ability to explain the value proposition of our business.

    Deb Rosen

  • Script


We were amazed at how quickly Nancy understood our rather complex industry and what we wanted to accomplish -- even the nuances!


  • Project Description

    The video was used to launch an important session at the client’s global conference, attended by global airline and travel industry executives. Attendees were united and motivated to pursue improvements for the corporate traveler, portrayed by “Stefanie.” A life-sized cut-out of Stefanie became a memorable part of the event, including dancing with executives on the dinner cruise and enjoying quite a few “selfies.” It’s a video. It’s a campaign. It’s Stefanie!

  • Video Style & Pricing

    The video uniquely morphs a photo of Stefanie into a 2D character and also inserts 2D character animation into an actual office photograph. Multi-media includes photography, live motion video, 2D animation, kinetic text, and motion graphics.

    Pricing: custom tier 2 (contact us for details)

  • Testimonial

    We were amazed at how quickly Nancy understood our rather complex industry and what we wanted to accomplish — even the nuances! The first script and storyboard were nearly perfect which made the entire process so easy for us. We used the character “Stefanie” throughout the entire conference, so it was more than a video – it became an entire campaign – and she is likely to continue to be the “face” of the corporate traveler throughout other industry events . The overall quality and professionalism was terrific and was considered a huge hit.

    Carrie DeMoss
    Product Manager, Ancillaries & Fees

  • Script


Love That Video took on a challenging project and delivered right on time.

  • Datum Strategies

  • Project Description

    Capturing the attention of trade show attendees can be challenging, especially since passers-by are reluctant to engage. The client had created this video with an agency years prior, and then added changes here and there by an internal staffer who was no longer at the company. So, the challenge was to find someone who could take the various pieces of software and get it all to work, and make edits and improvements on top! Working with someone else’s files can be difficult, but with some trial and error we got it all figured out and delivered a product that looked like a unified brand new video! The video was set up on a continuous loop on a booth monitor.

  • Video Style & Pricing

    This video features motion graphics and animated text.

    Pricing: custom tier 2 (contact us for details)

  • Testimonial

    This video worked great! Love That Video took on a challenging project and delivered right on time. Our existing video had been created long ago, then edited internally. They seamlessly pulled together the pieces and made extensive edits. Nancy made the project very easy for us and made excellent suggestions too.

    Robyn Bollhurst,
    Marketing Director

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A staggering 98% of consumers say they've watched a video explainer to learn more about a product or service. Nearly 70% say they prefer video over text on the page.

“Hi. It’s Tom. We’re gonna deliver your mobile app 3 months early. No kidding.”

“uh…h..h Nice!”

Yea, wouldn’t THAT be “nice!” Imagine leaping over decades of complex integration layers and architecture. And delivering core systems as innovative digital services in days or weeks, not months.

How? With OpenLegacy, you can create APIs from your industry’s core systems like these in minutes. Then, optimize with security and performance … and help your company deploy new mobile, cloud or web solutions 10 times faster.

No need for special skills or staff.

No invasive changes to core applications.

Plus we play nice with your existing ESB and SOA.

A global bank liberated their 30 year old legacy payments system to reach new markets – in weeks. An insurance company deployed a new mobile quotation system – in days.

A manufacturer enabled mobile access to their order management system – in just 1 week.

Kick your backlog in the back-end with speed, simplicity and security.

Experience open innovation with API Integration & management from OpenLegacy!


Hey, congratulations on that fabulous new hire!

You’ve worked for months – recruiting … interviews … emails… letters…

Now what?

L-O-G-I-S-T-I-C-S …

chasing down IT… getting business cards… and badges.

And lots of P-A-P-E-R-W-O-R-K for lots of things.

How do you engage new hires with decades old manual processes?

How do they get everything they need to be productive?

Fact is, studies confirm that the first 1-2 weeks of employment have the biggest impact on long-term productivity.

That’s why Worktap is a better way to onboard and maximize talent

It’s a better experience … for EVERYONE.

You can

-Simplify HR logistics,

-Empower new hires on Day 1,

-And facilitate goals & objectives!

We automate your content and deliver a personalized and branded experience across all phases of onboarding.

From the welcome message [pause]… to the 6 month review.

For example… you can

deliver your offer packet in a personalized employee portal!

Send a personalized, mobile-friendly welcome – in their language …

Automate and complete ALL forms before Day 1…

Easily complete new hire provisioning …

And after a smooth starting day …

The productivity begins!

Build learning curriculums… Train with interactive videos…. Measure progress…. Award badges and certificates, and more.

With Worktap, you’ll

Be efficient…

Be smart…

And get the most from your talent, just like these happy clients!

It’s one tool for onboarding, communications and engagement!

Get on board … with Worktap!


Relieving lower back pain is one of the most popular uses for the Dolphin Neurostim. On average, home users decrease their pain by 57% with their first treatment – and improve even more over time.

“I have become virtually pain-free … and I am not using pain medication. I highly recommend the unit to anyone who is in chronic pain, no matter what the source.”

Before we start the treatment, let’s review the basics.

You’ll be using the Dolphin tip to treat points on your body scientifically proven to reduce low back pain.

Set the Polarity to negative (-). Set the sensitivity dial to 3.

Check that your battery is working. Green is good!

Hold the Dolphin like a big pen, with your thumb on the metal plate, and fingers on the other side.

To find a point, you’ll glide the Dolphin gently on the skin as close to the treatment points as possible.  Listen for the highest-pitched sound. And watch for the green light to go out or flicker – indicating you are on theoptimum treatment point.

If you hear too many high pitched tones, turn down the Sensitivity dial. If you don’t hear any, turn up the dial.

Before starting any treatment, please review the precautions in your Users Manual.

Let’s get started!

How would you rate your current pain? In about 15 minutes you should feel relief!

Have someone treat your lower back points directly, makingcertain that they touch your skinwith their hand or forearm tocomplete the circuit.

If it’s not possible to treat these points for any reason, these easy-to-reach spots on your hands will work too!

Locate each point two fingers to the left and right of the spine, from the top treatment point as shown, to the bottom treatment point on the tail bone.

The points are often small, tender depressions. To save time, you can mark each point in advance with an erasable marker.

Press the treatment button for 20-30 seconds on each point. If you have two devices, you can treat left and right points simultaneously. Move down the spine and treat all points.

Now, stand with your arms at your sides and locate the points at the tips of your middle fingers.Treat both sides.

Next, find the point four fingers below the outside of your kneecap, just in front of and below your fibula. Treat both sides.

Excellent! The last point for Step 1 is in the hollow area midway between the tip of the outer ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. It’s very effective for sciatica. Even when lying down, be sure your feet are in a neutral position, not lifted up or pushed down. Treat both ankles.

Hand reflex points offer quick, easy treatment points when the previous points are hard to reach.

Tilt the fingers of your left hand slightly upwards till you feel the bone coming down from your middle finger.

Locate each spot as described earlier. Treat for 20-30 seconds each on each hand.

Turn over your hand, and locate and treat these spots. Remember to listen for the highest pitched tone indicating the most tender and optimal treatment point.

You only have a few treatment points left!

Find and treat the points on the middle crease behind both knees.

Now on to Step Three!

The Psoas (so-az) is the most vital muscle in your body. Located on either side of your lower back, it is often a major contributor to low back pain.

The following points help release the psoas, even though they’re not close to it.

The first point is on the top of your foot, in the hollow formed where the 4th and 5th toe bones meet. Locate and treat this and all points 20-30 seconds.

Now, find and treat the hollow at the base of the 2nd and 3rd toes.

And then the point on the outside base of your second toe nail.

Change the polarity setting to +. Locate the point on the inside of the ankle, between the inner ankle bone and Achilles tendon. Treat both ankles.

Switch back to negative polarity. Lying on your side, the wand to treat any sore areas along your back and hip area.

And, you are done! Treat the lower back points 2 times a week for 20 minutes.

Relax a few moments as your muscles begin to relax. What is your pain level now?

The Dolphin provides welcome relief, safely and reliably. It’s within your control, anytime, anywhere.

It is our sincere wish that you live pain free and enjoy life to its fullest – and we believe you will.


The phenomenal growth of the medical cannabis industry has resulted in new challenges…

How do you know if it’s produced legally?… if it’s safe … and ending up in the right hands?

SICPA enables trust by efficiently tracking and tracing the medical cannabis supply chain … Just as they do for fifteen hundred product lines around the world.

Humboldt County, California uses this ground-breaking solution to:

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Promote public health and safety
  • Prevent illegal activity
  • Deter theft and fraud, and
  • Confirm proof of origin

With SICPA, government agencies can ensure that cultivators … manufacturers …distributors … and dispensaries … efficiently deliver safe cannabis products to patients in compliance with regulatory requirements – all without a huge manual or financial burden on the industry.

Cultivators add a unique stamp to each package and encode it with details like grower name, location, plant strain, test results and more.

These stamps combine counterfeit resistant materials, including color-shifting ink and invisible ink, plus QR codes and unique identifiers.

Stamps are tracked as the package moves through every step of the supply chain.

Administrators and regulators have visibility across the supply chain to track compliance and flag potential fraud…

Law enforcement can easily confirm if products are legitimate to reduce illicit trade and support public safety.…

Patients can rest easy, using a smart phone app or computer to confirm product quality – and more.

SICPA’s innovative solution ensures safe and legal practices – while allowing the entire industry to flourish.

Stay informed.


Does your student struggle to plan, manage or complete their work?

Do they easily grasp content, yet have trouble with tests?

Is your student smart, but needs skills to handle increasing school demands?

What if your student could do better and be happier just by learning some new skills that put them in charge of their learning success?

The fact is, many students just need to learn how to learn.

As schools have gotten more competitive, they no longer have time to teach kids how to study.

So, while students can get training – and practice – at sports, music, and all sorts of subjects, no one has taught them how to study efficiently and effectively. And for some kids, that’s the most important skill of all.

That’s where The Study Pro comes in.  We help smart kids to become great students.

We help them with things like:

  • How to break down and manage long-term projects.
  • How to take good notes and create a useful study guide.

How to prioritize work. And much more.

We provide an integrated system that helps all kids, including:

a proven curriculum where students learn new skills…

1:1 coaching personalized for their learning style…

and a homework center where they practice these skills on nightly work until they have built new habits for learning.

At The Study Pro, we believe all kids can achieve their potential, be happy and feel in charge of their academic success.

And the best part?  Your student will love to learn.  Confidence will soar. And your family life will probably be a bit happier too.

See how The Study Pro is changing lives. We’ve got a seat waiting for you!


The corporate travel business is Big Business

However, as the industry innovates and evolves toward airline retailing, new challenges emerge… like:

How do airlines attract corporate business while also maximizing ancillary revenues…

How do corporations negotiate and track total fare prices and are the traveler’s optional fees reimbursed

If so, how are they tracked and managed in accounting budgets.

And does anyone know what the actual total corporate travel expenditures actually are?

These days there’s rarely such a thing as a ‘base fare’ with all of the popular amenities included.

Meet “Stephanie”…

She’s in the middle of all of this.

How do corporations keep their valued, corporate travelers happy?

What if booking and paying for a flight was easier…

because her employer can negotiate and manage total travel fees…

and the travel agency can easily implement those policies…

and the technology providers have the tools and data to make it happen.

The travel industry has been an enviable example of collaboration … where complex global processes are streamlined through vision … technology… standardization … and sheer determination.

Today, this challenge is no different.

ATPco is here … to encourage AND enable the change required for all of us to flourish and leverage the corporate traveler…. Whether it’s Stephanie… or Stephan.

Together, let’s lead the way.

Starting here.